Special Wall Togekiss

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Special Wall Togekiss

Post by Shockhead on Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:18 pm

This Infidel v3. if you use the set. Please give credit to me.

Anyhoo on the ev's and stuff

Nature Calm
Ability: Serene Grace (Ofc)
Item: Leftovers/Lum Berry
EV Spread 110 HP 200 Def 200 Sp.def
Moveset: Nasty Plot
Tri Attack/ Air Slash
Light Screen

Basically after the light screen Togekiss will laugh at all the OU's that have super effective special moves on it. Starmie can't really touch it after the light screen. you can just roost + nasty plot and bye bye starmie. Be careful of selecting Tri-attack as your only attacking move over air slash since gengar and dusknoir and rotom will just laugh in your face. Air Slash is the safer choice and The 5% chance of missing can be overlooked for the stab bonus and the fact it hits every type out there. Also the 200 defense ev's allow this kiss to laugh even more at CB Ice shards coming from mamoswine and weavile. the 110 hp ev's allow this kiss to absorb a little more and get more from leftovers if you choose leftover's for your item. The Lum Berry will prevent this togekiss from getting crippled by the random t-wave or hax but you won't have your leftovers recovery. The item choice is up to the user.

NOTE: Smogon Doesn't list a Special Wall togekiss But it can in fact wall Note Base 115 sp.def means it get's pretty bulky in that area. 265 or 266 with 0 ev's neutral nature Max IV's.

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